*12/8/18- Just a heads up. Sound seems to be spotty on this html browser version of the game. Sometimes there is proper sound and music, other times not. The full version of the game, going on sale soon, is NOT html. I'm sorry if you experience sound issues, especially as I have put so much work into the audio of this game. Just wanted to put that out there.

*Update 11-24-18 (Bug fixes! Fixed a bug that skipped the mini boss in the third stage of sewers. And more!)

*Update 11-14-18 (Added new battle animations! Check'em out! Be sure to start a new game, and not continue using an old save file, as these attacks are weapon based, and I just added them to the characters!)

It is 2082. The world has fallen into a military dictatorship, and only one group of heroes, known as SUPER Midnight, have what it may take to set humanity free.
You play the role of Erdregr, an enigmatic, and charismatic leader of SUPER Midnight. On your quest to do so, you'll meet and join up with a number of interesting, sometimes quirky, heroes, all of whom wish to see the heart of mankind flourish in liberty once more.

*Animated tiles seem to be defaulted to off in this html version. You can go into your settings, once you are in control of your characters, and change them to "on".

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RPG maker game? Definitely doesn't look like your average RPG maker game. Combat animations are pretty cool as well.